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The "Meter Drop"!

   As I said before, "Meter Drop" refers to taking small bites of cash flow from many different sources (products & services) instead of trying to swallow the whole meal in one big gulp. Most MLM's feature "become a millionaire in X days!" encouraging you to try and make it big fast. Most folks, having never done that before, fail. Indeed, Most of the "big boys" take advantage of this to pad their wallets with the profits you leave when you finally quit in disgust... that is if they don't have a way built in to cut you out because you didn't get big fast like they said you would.

 In order to increase your chances for success�we'll set realistic targets for the product or service we wish to market. What you want is a product or service that requires minimum input for a specified return.

  I like to get $50 for an Hour!

  You may want more or you may be happy with less. But, for this example let's use my personal experiences. I am sure you want to enjoy as much time with your family and friends as is possible, you don't want to work 100 hours a week. Actually, 20-40 is a good "hours per week" workload. Doesn't always happen that way, but that is the goal. You should be looking to make $1000 to $2000 a week. Certainly not millionaire numbers but also infinitely more attainable.

   Keep in mind, to build a single MLM product or service to that level is something the �average Joe" never achieves. Let's make this a true �Meter Drop� by requiring that any single product or service needs to produce only 5% of the total cash flow. Now what we are looking for is a single product or service that can generate $50-100 for 1-2 hours effort, each and every week. 

  This is very obtainable within almost any good product or service . You may already be in a few MLM's with several items that with a little work could reach this level. I'm "meter dropping" several products and services from a number of affiliate programs today. If you've been paying attention to any of the ads on these pages you can get a pretty good idea of some of the products and services I sell. 

  The most import thing here though is that whatever the product or service, you want it to be inexpensive... cheap even. That way you can sell it often. Ideally it would be something that your customers "use up" and have to replace ( pay for) every month. You should take a serious look at the products featured HERE! Many of these items are sold once but produce income month after month after month. Each one has the potential to produce income at the levels outlined above within a very short period of time... If you're willing to DWIT!

But Meter Drop is only half the plan�

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