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  Your first step is to make the commitment to building a successful home business. This is not the everyday, ordinary kind of "commitment" we all take for granted. This is a �serious as a heart attack� commitment, like the kind you make to your children. You'll �Do Whatever It Takes!� to ensure your children grow up happy and successful. I am here to tell you, you'll need to have that same level of commitment for your home based business. Anything less will make what I am about to show you irrelevant. If you are ready to make this level of commitment, you will want to BOOKMARK THIS SITE now. All the information I have provided for you will require a good bit of time to absorb properly and you will want to be able to come back and review it OFTEN as you successfully build your home based business.  

  Once you have made a real commitment, you'll have to decide what kind of business do you want to run. there are a number of factors you'll want to consider. 

  • Ease of Operation - the simpler the better. Ideally you'd sell a product or service that requires little real work to deliver to your customer, better yet is selling a product or service that you don't have to deliver... someone else does that for you. The smaller the amount of time it takes for you to earn your money, the more time you'll have to spend what you earn... or the less it will interfere with your current job while you build your home based business.

  • Secure Cash Flow and Accounting - Especially if you are selling something for someone else, be absolutely certain you can trust them to pay you, and that you can easily determine what you've earned. If your selling a product or service directly, be sure you can accurately trace each transaction for every customer. Also be sure you know what ALL your REAL expenses are. It can be most disheartening to discover your best sales month ever still didn't get you to break even!

  • Enjoyment factor - often overlooked, but perhaps the most important! If you don't have fun at what you do... you probably won't do what you need to to be successful. No matter how much money it could make you, if you aren't happy doing it, it isn't worth doing.

   Most Importantly, there are two principles you must fully understand to produce a successful home-based business.

  1. The Meter Drop - This term comes from the Real Estate and Stock Market Guru, Wade Cook. It refers to his days as a taxi driver. What it means is this. Instead of trying to get the big-money airport run, take the easy, short, consistent in-town runs. It will add up to much more than you can ever make "swinging for the fences", to use another analogy. For you it means to earn a small amount from several low cost products instead of trying to "make it big" with just one high priced item or service.  
  1. Multiple Income Streams - I've used this term for so long I've forgotten where it originated. Simply put, it means having several sources (streams) of income continually feeding your river of money! Most folks have a single source, their 9 to 5 job or Social Security/pension check. What you are going to learn are the many highly effective methods you can use to combine several sources of "Meter Drop" type streams of income into a substantial monthly river of money!  


Let's look at these two principles more closely�

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