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Everything you could ever want to know about how to make money on the Internet is right here!.
  • How to make money with a Home Based Business
  • How to make money with Affiliate Programs
  • How to make money with Classified Advertising
  • How to make money Working at home
  • Traffic Building tips
  • ...and much more!
If you are tired of the rat race and are ready to begin a work at home career, if you aren't looking for a "get rich quick" scam, I can help you get started making money on the Internet today!
I don't do "get-rich-quick" schemes. I will show you a legitimate work at home business that can make money for you today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. You can get away from your dead end job and start working at home making money with your very own home based business today!

Dear Internet Surfer,

 My name is David Weed. I have been making money in Network Marketing for more than twenty five years. Over that time I have had a lot of success with home businesses... and a few failures as well. I have made a lot of money with home based businesses. I have also been taken for a ride too.

 Profit Network was created to help you achieve success and make more money with your own home business. You can learn from my mistakes as well as the victories. Throughout this site you will find tons of tips and tricks to help you build your own home business into a successful money making enterprise. You will learn about the shortcuts and sand traps that can be the difference between unqualified success and abject failure. I'll show you what (and WHO) to avoid when building your home based business.

 We've all seen the ads from the "big boys" of Network Marketing, promises of making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in 30, 60 or 90 days (or less!). But the truth is, it isn't going to happen like that for the average person. In fact, most of these "big boys" aren't going to show you how to earn a living... they will just relieve you of some of your hard earned cash. What I am going to show you though is how YOU can earn a living with a home based business of your own. Some of you may even go on and become one of the "big boys" yourselves. But even if you don't, you can and you will know how to make money, $2000 to $5000 a month... every month... working at home... for the rest of your life!

 If you are ready to make the commitment to building your own Home Based Business, you have found the right place to begin. The process is simple, but not easy. It will take dedication and a lot of hard work. It is NOT "get rich quick" by any stretch of the imagination.

 Some of you are asking "What do I need to do?" You KNOW you have what it takes...YOU KNOW you are ready to Do Whatever It Takes to build a successful business that you can run from your own home. The first thing you need to do is...

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